Helping others Project Access is a program that I founded in Frederick County with the support of the Real Estate Community.  It helped home owners with disabilities to finance, install and modify their homes, so that they could have full or as much as possible  access to their homes.  The inspiration was a little boy diagnosed with Duchene’s Disease, Jimmy King.  Every day, Jimmy’s grandparents would carry him (110 lbs) and his wheelchair up and down eight flights of steps so that he could go to school.  Every day, they would wait on the curb for the bus, push him up the street, carry him up the steps and then load him back into his chair in the house.  This was quite tasking for a couple in their 60s.  Here’s some pictures of the project. http://www.deepcreekphotos.com/p910858372#h4108c082 From there once a year, the program installed ramps, bathroom rails, lifts, and widened doorways on local homes.

I would like to introduce this program to this area.  But this time, I am looking to make not just an annual project, but my mission now is to make this as needed and as often as funding will allow it.  I’m not sure how well it will be received or supported in the community, but I’m 100% sure that it won’t be successful, if it is never launched.

I have identified a homeowner that could use our help as I take this maiden voyage in Garrett County.  With that said, I am initially asking for monetary donations and people that would be willing to assist in helping fundraising.   Eventually, the project would lead to more technical support of local builders, building suppliers, medical supply companies and laborers.   I would dream of having a list of supporters on call that would be willing to get projects done as soon as the need was identified.

Currently this is just a thought in process.  If it deems to be a necessity in Garrett County, I plan on making it a full chartered Non-Profit organization.   Right now, it’s just out of the goodness our hearts.

If you are willing to offer your time and or your wallet to this project, please contact me.  I can be reached at 301-616-1669 or via email at Bob@projectaccess.us

Helping make the whole house usable